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I am working with Callum Mackinnon( Callums blog ) under the company name Ace of Spadez.

This is our company logo:ace of spadez


Risk Assessment



Having a risk assessment is very important to every media production. It helps determine the risks that come with every shot and location chosen.

It is important to assess the potential damage that can occur for various of reasons:

-> it can harm the actor and delay filming

-> Potential damage to image of the movie

-> Potential lawsuits

If a risk assessment is not done correctly it can have a lot of impact on the movie.

As seen in the chart below, we do not have specific shots that could be dangerous. Most of our shots are hard to do, but no damage should occur. We have still listed many safety features to furthermore decrease the chance of getting wounded.



What I’ve learnt from Audience Feedback

Assessing audience feedback is an essential component of the media production market, as it can bring many positive remarks that will help determine the success of future products. If some error is made, or even the audience is unsatisfied, future media productions can try to avoid the mistakes made by us. The first screenshot is from the visits to my music video.

Video statistics (YouTube)

As seen in the graph, you can see the times that people watched my video. Over the past months it has increased significantly, as we have promoted it on facebook and other social media platforms.


stats website
Website visits over the past few months

The chart above displays the number of visitors to my website over the past few months. As shown my views differed on various occasions. Whenever I blogged, the number of views would increase drastically. For example March was not only the month where I released my final video, but also blogged the most, and in effect it was also the most visited month for my website. This is account to the massive Facebook posts, where I would ask for responses for my video. Overall I have had 56 views the past month with 13 initial visitors.

These are only two of many feedback videos that I have been able to get from my audience. Although there are a lot of positive comments regarding my video, there are a couple comments that concerned me. These are that some people complained about the quality of lip sync. This is an important comment which I will take into account, and maybe on day it will come to use.

Production Pictues


This is one of many production pictures, and all the equipment that we used. We mainly would use the Iphone due to the very good quality of images that the camera takes, but for special shots we had no other choice than to use specialized cameras, such as the Go Pro. This camera is ideal for underwater, which was exactly what we needed for some shots.

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Using Media Technologies in my Coursework

Through the coursework I used many different media technologies. In the next few paragraphs I will describe in detail what I did.


Technology played a key role in the production and post production part of my work. Through apps such as Final Cut Pro and IMovie, I was able to edit the raw footage that I have gathered. This is essential to the end result of the media product, since the manner in which I can handle these apps determine the quality of editing. Other technologies that I have used in the research part of the coursework would be Prezi and Powerpoint. These gave me good methods of delivering information to the audience in an effective manner. I was able to gather all my research that I have gathered several times in form of this.

I have used Prezi for many parts in the pre production process for research and planning. This includes my star image research and work that I did on researching artists and even the classical music genre.

Final cut pro played a key role in the editing part. It was the main app that I used, since it has a lot of tools which come in handy. Without having such a sophisticated app, the whole editing process would have taken much longer and the end result would be very different.

Another important app that I used in many stages of my coursework would be Photoshop. This app played a key role in the creating of my Promotional Poster, DigiPak and many other steps in the creation of my coursework. It was through this that I was able to edit images the manner in which I wanted to and alter them to fit my genre, without it my coursework would be much simpler.

final cut edit

Music video Feedback


This is the individual feedback that I got from someone. As described by him, he is enthusiastic about many parts of my movie. The shots, cinematography, actors and location chosen are some of the many positive remarks that I have been given. I am awaiting the next comments:

This individual commented on the lack of lip sync, but overall he is also very satisfied with the result. I will try to use the information to furthermore improve my coursework. This is good and constructive feedback.

This individual is very similar to the first one. He found my coursework very interesting and commented on the good angles of shots and the basic and overall cinematography. He does not say anything negative about it, and is very happy. I will again use all the information that I have gotten from my piers to better the end result of the media coursework and perhaps learn from these mistakes to learn from.

Promotional Poster Plan

new stuff.png
Promotional Poster layout planning

This is the plan for my layout. I have been able to successfully reproduce this into my final edit of my poster, with a few slight changes due to my teacher and other people.

I have changed the font of the title and I have been able to add a bit of creativeness on, and lastly I have changed it to black and white to add a bit of character.

I am very satisfied with the end result, and cannot wait to post it on facebook to get constructive feedback!

Importance of an Advertisement Poster

Having an advertisement poster has become the norm for every production company, as it has many advantages. Although traditional posters are being currently replaced by social media and the internet, they still play a big role in determining the success of a specific media product. It allows the audience to be informed about the upcoming release, and therefor make them more likely to buy the product. Not only this, but some people regard the poster as having a greater impact than word of mouth, as it would last longer. If a promotional poster is done correctly, it can make an individual remember both the theme of the band or artist, and the product. The theme in which an artist or band produces, is typically going to repeat, therefor the audience is even more likely to buy future products.

Promotional posters are usually promoted near to very crowded places, or locations that have a specific connection to the artists topic. These include, next to theaters, cinemas, operas, etc. Another important part to having a promotional poster is the fact that it is  more likely to attract attention, than a digital poster. People don’t trust the internet, whereas they trust physical things because of their true existence. This is supported by a study which found out that, newspapers are trusted by 63% of people, the TV is trusted by 41% and lastly the internet is trusted by 25 %. This data helps us determine the importance of a physical promotional poster.

I have added some examples of successful promotional posters in this slideshow: 1f76841169ad21b51584d78fae95a20e.jpgmusic-promotion-advertisement-3.jpgSPRINGSTEEN.jpeg